Using PostgreSQL enums with Ruby on Rails

Ruby on Rails supports enums but it uses integers for representing different enum values. It also does not enforce those numbers on the database level.

Those problems can be easily solved by Postgres enums.

A new enum type in the database needs to be created (via migration) before it can actually be used.

 def up
   ActiveRecord::Base.connection.execute <<~SQL
     CREATE TYPE color AS ENUM ('red', 'green', 'blue');

   add_column :traffic_lights, :color, :color, index: true

 def down
   remove_column :traffic_lights, :color

   ActiveRecord::Base.connection.execute <<~SQL
     DROP TYPE color;

After running the migration, Rails should be able to use native database enum in the model:

class TrafficLight < ApplicationRecord
  enum color: {
    red: 'red',
    green: 'green',
    blue: 'blue',

It’s compatible with Rails enums so all helper methods like red?, green?, blue?, colors, etc. are supported.