Using OR operator with Hanami repositories

Hanami repositories allow to filter records by providing conditions as:

  1. hash:

     users.where(first_name: "Bart", last_name: "Simpson")
  2. block:

     users.where {"Bart") |"Simpson") }
  3. Both of them

The first option will combine conditions using AND operator. In this example, it will retrieve users whose first name is Bart and last name is Simpson. Second one allows for more advance queries. Here, it will fetch users whose first name is Bart or last name is Simpson.

Unfortunately it’s not clear how to combine sets of conditions with OR operator (i.e. array of hashes where record has to match at least one set):

# Find all Bart Simpsons or Homers
  { first_name: "Bart", last_name: "Simpson" },
  { first_name: "Homer" }

Such operation might be useful if you would like to dynamically provide multiple conditions to build queries.

Since Hanami uses rom-rb and Sequel under the hood, Sequel::SQL::BooleanExpression might be leveraged to create flexible clauses:

class UsersRepository < Hanami::Repository
  def all_matching(filters)
    clause = Sequel.|(*filters)

Sequel.| accepts multiple conditions (each set represented as a hash) and combine them using OR operator as BooleanExpression which is supported by where method.