Prettifying Ember.js codebase

All Ember-CLI based apps come with pre-defined eslint config. Unfortunately it’s not enough to enforce code consistency across the whole codebase. That’s where prettifier comes into play.

To configure prettifier with existing Ember app:

  1. Install prettier, eslint-plugin-prettier (to run prettier as an ESLint rule) and eslint-config-prettier(to turn off all ESLint rules that might conflict with prettier):

    yarn add --dev prettier eslint-plugin-prettier eslint-config-prettier
  2. Add prettier plugins to .eslintrc.js file:

     module.exports = {
       root: true,
       parserOptions: {
         ecmaVersion: 2018,
         sourceType: 'module',
         ecmaFeatures: {
           legacyDecorators: true,
       extends: [
       env: {
         browser: true
       plugins: [
  3. Add prettier rules to .prettierrc.js:

     module.exports = {
       singleQuote: true,
       trailingComma: 'es5',
       printWidth: 100,
       semi: true,
       bracketSpacing: true,
       endOfLine: 'lf',
       tabs: false,
       tabWidth: 2,
  4. Install lint-staged (to lint staged files) and husky (to run custom scripts on git hooks):

    yarn add lint-staged husky --dev
  5. Add scripts to package.json:

    // package.json
      "scripts": {
        "precommit": "lint-staged"
      "lint-staged": {
        "*.{js,json,css}": [
          "prettier --write",
          "git add"

Now, before each commit, prettifier will be run to ensure that consistency is preserved on all changed files.